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Femal figure

Oil and pencil on paper board

12x24,5cm /4,7x9,7inch

Size is not entirely accurate.

Frame included!!


"Serene Awakening: A Nude in Oils" captures a moment of introspection and tactile exploration. The subject, a woman with closed eyes, stands in an ethereal ambiance, gracefully moving towards the viewer. The play of light and shadow accentuates the contours of her form, while the nuanced brushstrokes in oil paint evoke a tactile richness. The composition invites contemplation as the figure, with hands outstretched, navigates an unseen path, creating a serene atmosphere of self-discovery and sensory awakening.





Female figure, Oil on paper board +/-12x12cm /4,9x4,3inch

Productcode: 202301171054
€ 620,00Prijs
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