Tronies* 2020

'I often wonder how the world would look like if we all would spend some time daily, turning our focus inwards.'

Since 2014 I am practising yoga and meditation which had a profound impact; from food preferences to mental health and inner peace. It led me back to myself and nature and I started to slowly realise what it is that makes me who I am. What really matters.

This series of fantasy portraits are expressions of the act and emotional state of turning your focus inwards, connecting to your true inner Self. Becoming aware of how you are. A vulnerable and honest state, the opposite of todays hasty and superficial snapshots on social media.

The portraits are often created without or little reference material. This encourages an inner most authentic flow  and gives room for the medium to speak freely. Every creative process, as tiny or short as it sometimes is, almost feels like an inner conversation between me and the emerging portrait.  

'Maybe sending these Tronies out into the world will bring a little awareness?'