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MEDIUM INK oil on paper board SIZE 12 x 12 cm

Sitting at the dining table I study Leonie, a new portrait, exploring a new language

My wish is to come closer and closer to authenticity, yet keeping it expressive



Less saturated colours this time, increasingly subtle

Gentle lighting works like a veil of earthy tones

Earth, the raw material from which we exist






I try to catch it, including a slice of soul

Until I sense she is there



Below you will see some slides of the work in progress. This is a pre-study before making a bigger portrait. This is only 12 x 12 cm small. The next one should be around 30 x 30 cm.

In this study I focus on exploring some key elements like a new earthy colour scheme I want to try and discovering the features that should determine the essence of what I want to grasp of Leonie.


At the start I want to feel confident. So I start with a grid. I am also able to go without and work more 'romantic'... , but this is just quicker and I am more accurate at the start.


Next is blocking in some shades. I was a little too careful I think, next time I will hit more surface cause it guides the values much better at the next rounds, aiming for maximum plasticity and volume perception.


I am sharing a picture here to show the colour palette. I am using a small sheet of glass with a basic colour underneath. It is easy to clean and to hold.

The tiny cups contain some walnut oil and an ordinary painting medium to either work more lean (first) or oily at a later stage.


I am always late with my background. Something I will explore later on is blocking in the background at an earlier stage. It will give me more grip on the darker and lighter values, at the blocking phase.


Gloss on the hair and the details of the earrings came at the end. I certainly want to spend more time working out the lovely darker tones at the shadow side of her face. It will maker her 'pop' or come out of the canvas much stronger. Similarly to the background. Playing with the light values here will help add spaciousness to her context or surroundings.

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MEDIUM INK oil on paper board SIZE 12 x 12 cm

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