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The free fantasy portraits I create in mostly small format show inwardly turned, hushed expressions. A state of being that stands in stark contrast to the rushed and fleeting world we live in, filled with endless triggers.


I believe that most of the answers, healing and peace, can be found in our own inner silence. This series is my gentle call. 


'I sometimes wonder what the world would be like if we all regularly turned our attention inwards'. 

Human beings possess the unique ability to consciously relate to themselves, to enter into inner dialogue. I like to do that in silence. This form of 'contemplating' and connecting with yourself has brought me a lot personally and has fascinated me for years. Among other things, it has made me focus full time on portrait painting. 

My Tronies are a continuous study of anatomy, use of materials and technique and an expression of this special state of being.

Interested to learn what is available for sale? See my store by clicking the button below. 

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