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We start with an informal talk and an introduction. We go through various aspects of portrait painting.

For example, what are your wishes in terms of size? And do you want a portrait of just the head and shoulders? Or perhaps a full-length portrait.


The style is also discussed. Do you prefer a loose impressionistic or a very realistic and refined style. And finally, the possibilities in terms of budget.

Once we have been able to agree on mutual expectations, I will make you an offer. 

Getting to know each other

An encounter is an indispensable facet in the process and benefits the quality of the painting.

I get more "in touch" with the person or animal. It is a very defining reference during painting and thus influences how powerful and touching the work finally becomes.


Then the painting of the portrait begins. The number of people or animals, the background, rich details like clothes or jewellery and other accessories, make the painting more or less complex and labour-intensive. This greatly affects the turnaround time.

In consultation, we can choose a time for an interim viewing but usually I like to keep working until the result is there. 


A festive unveiling takes place in the studio with drinks and the painting is handed over with a paper certificate of authenticity.

If necessary, the painting is dispatched.

Upon receipt and satisfaction, the second invoice will follow.



Once the deposit is paid, we will make an appointment to meet. 


An extensive number of photographs will also be taken during the meeting, the best of which will be used as a reference when painting.


In consultation, we decide on a style for the frame. Once the painting is dry, it will be framed at a framer's shop. 

Contact me for more information about the prices.

        Nadja chose an abstract work:

'Frank works very professional and has a pleasant, warm personality. He was very thoughtful, thinking with me about where to hang it and how to frame, making it perfectly fit with my interior.'

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