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Have you felt the need to take up painting or drawing for some time now? But are you struggling to make a start?


Being creative and developing a skill with your hands is enriching and brings satisfaction. In the first place for yourself but also for those around you. 

I am happy to help you on your way with one-to-one coaching. Together, we search for your inner talent and your preferred technique. 

My aim is that, over time, you feel free to experiment based on your inner world of feelings and interests.


It is not a classic drawing or painting course, but guidance to make a start from an intrinsic creative urge and develop your authentic style.



First of all, we have an orientation meeting. It is important that we have a mutual click. We also discuss whether you have drawn or painted before and if you have an interested in certain themes.

From the conversation, ideas automatically emerge regarding the frequency of meetings and the topics you will work on. 


Art consult sessions - one to one and a half hours

During our meetings, we will observe and evaluate. Your own work and discoveries are guiding. If necessary, I introduce techniques or specific knowledge for inspiration. Maybe we look at another artist's work. 


Afterwards, I will send a short report with what we discussed and what can serve as inspiration for the following period. 

You continue working at home or in your studio.


Duration - you decide

Each process is entirely tailored to individual growth and development and has its own frequency and duration.

And you are free to stop at any time.


Costs - hourly rate 

You will be charged € 65 per hour for counselling. (incl VAT).


Optional - materials

At an additional cost, I can provide materials to work with and study materials so that the path to creativity is made even easier for you.



An invoice will be sent after each session.

Paulien Assink on Art Consult:

'Under Frank's inspiring and very expert guidance, I get deeper and deeper into the core of what I would like to paint'. Continue reading...

"I have strongly experienced what it feels like to get (back) 'on your creative path'. That feeling is so powerful and driving your own happiness, that I wish that experience and that feeling to everyone. That's why I love and love guiding and encouraging others in that quest!"


"My teaching is infused with insights gained over 20 years in my work, studies and personal development. At my strongest, I am a listener and observer. I don't shy away from piercing questions and we sometimes look beyond art alone. Because that helps me understand you as a human being and guide you with exceptional passion on your creative path to self-expression."


"An important part of my work as creative director, was to guide the creative minds of product designers and motivate them to the creative research, their development and self-expression. This is the only way to achieve new discoveries and unique styles. At its core, this is what I also offer with Art Consult, but only in the field of free art. "


Are you looking for an opening for dialogue for a team or department?




A workshop 'Intuitive drawing and painting' is very suitable for companies or organisations in or just before a transition, who are looking for an opening for dialogue, started from silence and personal internalisation.

Having worked for 14 years in a large international organisation, I have rich experience of the dynamics in and between (working) groups. This has guided the design of this workshop.

In this workshop, individual feelings and experiences in the workplace are at the forefront of the awareness process, instead of established group dynamics, hierarchy and ego, which can lead to surprising, or even confrontational new insights and observations.


Feel free to contact me for more information.

Olga Plokhooij on Art Consult:

'As an artist and entrepreneur, Frank has a fine combination of his own signature, eye for detail and quality, love for people and materials, which makes for a very fine foundation for workshops, personal trajectories and free commissions.' Continue reading...

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