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Winter forest walk, The Netherlands,

Oil on paper

15x21cm, 5,9x8,3


Framing and shipping included (Europe)

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In the quiet embrace of winter's breath, this figurative piece unveils a serene tableau—a needle-strewn forest cloaked in the hush of frost-kissed stillness. A winding avenue emerges, adorned by the skeletal silhouettes of ancient pines, their boughs delicately cradling bits of snow in the chill air.


The landscape is bathed in a scarce illumination, where muted light weaves through the veil of cool mist, casting a delicate glow on the path. In the distance, a solitary figure strolls, their presence punctuating the solitude of the winter scene.


As the viewer immerses themselves in the scene, the crisp air and subdued tones evoke a sense of quiet wonder. The forrest view becomes a sanctuary of contemplation, inviting observers to lose themselves in the tranquil beauty of a winter's eve. This figurative portrayal is an ode to the ethereal dance between darkness and light, where the distant wanderer becomes a poignant element in the enchanting, mist-shrouded landscape."


When you buy it, the frame is included. Contact me for questions or special requests.

Winter forest walk, The Netherlands, Oil on paper 15x21cm, 5,9x8,3

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