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Experience the making off a portrait

Portraiture art goes far beyond today’s fleeting stream of superficial snapshots on social media.
Portraiture art is slow, deeply personal, layered and timeless.
When you commission a portrait with me our creative work together starts as journey. I pack my sketch materials, perhaps an apple for the road and visit you in your natural habitat.

We’ll spend time together in dialogue or silence.
I’ll absorb the atmosphere of your surroundings, listen to your personal story, maybe sketch a little and capture images with my camera. 

On my way home all these impressions percolate in my mind . Back in my atelier this inspiration miraculously starts to find it’s way into my hands. 

Whilst sketching and painting my interpretation of your authentic self starts to reveal itself though multiple layers of charcoal, pencil and paint.

I am successful if your portrait captures our creative encounter and expresses your individuality.

How does it work

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Meet the artist and have your photo taken


Follow the creative process online and explore with me


Collect your unique item in the artist's atelier

Vanessa Graves :

...‘the end result exceeded my expectations. The portrait is a perfect balance of the photograph of my father and a beautiful abstract image.’

...‘Frank included me in every step and was in constant contact with me in regards to any detail that he might have changed or thought of changing.’ 

‘Overall, I would highly recommend Frank for not only his talent but also for his professionalism and attention to detail.’

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