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Oil, charcaol, oil pastels on recycled canvas.

Piece including frame.


Silhouette Flight: Noir Orbs


In "Silhouette Flight," the essence of freedom and movement is encapsulated in two enigmatic forms. Crafted with the interplay of black oils and chalk, these objects take flight across the canvas, evoking a sense of weightlessness and unrestrained motion. The black voids within them, more like ethereal windows, create a visual rhythm, as if the objects are propelled through space by an unseen force. The piece captures the dynamic spirit of their journey, inviting viewers to witness the dance of these noir orbs as they navigate the limitless expanse of the artistic cosmos.

Silhouette Flight 2, oil, ~85x85cm, 33,5x33,5inch

Productcode: 202107102206
€ 1.440,00Prijs
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