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Oil, charcaol, oil pastels on recycled canvas

Piece including frame.


Stellar Suspension: Ethereal Gates


In "Stellar Suspension," black oils on tinted canvas bring forth enigmatic objects that hover serenely in the cosmic expanse. Viewed front and center, these forms exhibit a tranquil stillness, as if caught in a suspended dance. Each object features a subtle interplay of elements—a circular motif, a sporadic white speck, or delicate lines intersecting the 'frame.' Through the central openings, viewers are drawn into a contemplative encounter with the mysteries held within, inviting reflection on the quiet beauty of celestial equilibrium in the vastness of Forme Libere.

Stellar Suspension, oil, ~150x91cm, 59,1x35,8inch

Productcode: 202107102204
€ 2.169,00Prijs
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