At the start of creating these small sized oil paintings, I just let my brush wander. I am not using any reference here. Faces in any shape or form just appear from inuition. I might use real photo's to study anatomy details, proportion or lightfall and apply some learnings to amplify plasticity. But my main focus lies in building an emotion.


In a free flow of creativity I try to tap into a space of surrender. I am not looking for expressing pain or anxiety, stress or fear. What I look for is an expression from within. Of who we are when we are truly quiet. 


Did you know that:

Mirror Neurons  are neurons that fire both when a person acts and when the person observes the same action performed by another. This brings us back to a very basic concept in human evolution which involves modeling. When you observe a profound piece of art you are potentially firing the same neurons as the artist did when they created it thus making new neural pathways and stimulating a state of inspiration. This sense of being drawn into a painting is called “embodied cognition”.


Male portrait.

Oil on acid free heavy paper

12,5x11cm /4,9x4,3inch

Size is not entirely accurate!!!






Untitled, Oil on paper board +/-12x12cm /4,9x4,3inch

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