I am not a professional writer, but I try my best to convey to those who are interested what I think and feel while I am painting. Where my attention goes while I work. How I push myself forward with passion and love, endlessly searching for refinement.

What I am indomitable about 24 hours a day 😂 and what sometimes literally makes me dizzy.

Writing, yes. No selfie films. Because reading requires a little effort. And you do if something really interests you. You make time for that and you don't skip over it. Maybe not hip enough, or too slow? I just don't believe in haste.

Exposing myself vulnerable, it doesn't feel right at all to do that on linkedIn on instagram or facebook. I have developed an allergy to the word algorithm. It contains the word 'goor'. In Dutch it means 'gross'.

That is why, completely against my insecurities, I started writing blogs. But from my own platform (frankverbrugge.nl). Here I feel safe. Partly out of sight of the judging authorities. One on one with people who are really interested in what I do.

I used to (and still do) like to fantasise, was creative with language; read things that weren't there at all but still enjoyed it. I used to think up and write words that didn't exist but... HAD fun with it.

At school, I was invariably disqualified: 'You read below standard; you have dyslexia; you need extra lessons.'

Only recently did I see myself in a different light and stopped trying to fit in. My choice of words is unique and let it be. Mistakes in my grammar or choice of words, you will forgive me anyway.

Fortunately, I enjoy writing again and finally have a little diary for weird and wacky thoughts. There I regularly leak out ink to some slides. I even dare to share them in my blogs now!

What matters to me is that I have great fun in what I do and go to bed at night with a biiiig smile. And that maybe you understand a little bit better what I mean with my portraits or other work. That a small tip of the veil is lifted, so that you understand why I can do what I love and can offer you 24 hours a day.




Interested in a portrait or do you know someone who might be interested? Please share my work and read some more here or feel free to contact me directly by phone.

+31 (0) 6 21 85 91 32.


Continue reading more about how I work and the quality I strive for, by clicking on one of the other blogs below.


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