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MEDIUM INK oil on canvas SIZE 39 x 33 cm

Sometimes, fortune favours you. Then it seems like magic. Here is a detail of two girls that I painted on commission. I will try to explain it.

The suggestion of 3D

What you see is an eye that shines...., SHINES! And that the eye is a sphere. I create a suggestion of a three-dimensional (3D) reality.

To suggest 3D is magic!

You do not see 3D because you look at what it evokes. The aspects in a painting that have the task of evoking that 3D perception in you, are exactly the aspects that are least looked at in a painting. And yet that is where my main attention is focused. The same applies to the following case. Sometimes luck is on your side. I'll let you in on a little secret.

Key detail

You can see a very thin grey line to the right of her pupil, just under her eyelid. It came out of my one-haired brush more or less by accident and...., taaaadaaamm, let that be the very line that creates the shimmer and the bulge. I was and am so happy with that.

The cast shadow of the eyelid on the eyeball is also not what draws your attention as a viewer. But it is the key detail to suggest depth.



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