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TITLE Hera MEDIUM Oil on canvas SIZE 140x100cm

Yes, Hera....., what a sweet animal she is!

The loyalty, the respect that she has for her master, it radiates from her. At the same time, she is completely in her own zone. When I see her, it is as if I am looking at a landscape. That wise look, wow...

Snow landscape

What I like so much is how the light falls on her. I see a kind of snowy landscape with a slope in it that finally leads straight to the wet tip of her nose. Fascinating!

While working, I felt so connected to that animal I am not her master...

But on the photo with Hera? I granted myself this pleasure!

The dynamics of the white

With this pose, so to speak, you only need Hera's head to capture her, the rest is support.

Hera's styling is so beautiful, so clean, more background would detract from that image.

I chose the white consisting of rough brushstrokes, which makes the background come alive. The reflections of the light are therefore not even. This creates dynamics.

Hera's sweet character

Above my head on the right you can see a kind of spot of warm white, about 20 by 20 cm.

With this I accentuate Hera's feminine, soft and sweet character. I also wanted to reflect that character in the frame. It is made of beech wood with a fine grain that is still visible. So it is not painted over.

Homage to Hera!



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