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Bijgewerkt op: 8 nov. 2022

This blog is about the making of Hera, a portrait commissioned by Murielle. Hera is a beautiful old Labrador. I painted in oil on a 140 x 100 cm large size canvas, early 2021. It is by far the biggest oil painting I created of a dog. I loved making it!

Check out this blog and learn how the painting of Hera progressed and how the process of a portrait commission looks like.

"A very special request and by far the biggest portrait I painted!"

Hera lives with Murielle for a long time already. When they came over for the photoshoot, I could really sense the special bond they have together. Knowing that Hera will pass on to another dimension not long from now, I was asked to portray her. To be remembered of her presence.

I felt very honoured!

"I noticed I had that same feeling again, from being with Hera. Once that happens, I know I am on the right track."

"Did you work with reference material?"

"I took many photo's of Hera and together we picked the best. Murielle first shared some photos she made herself. But I prefer to study different viewing angles myself and play with light fall. And above all, meeting Hera and having felt her presence brought me additional sensitive information I do not get from a photo. In such moment I try to use all my senses and capture a feeling. I use that to reflect on, while painting. It is magical how that works. While painting, suddenly the portrait started to resonate with me. I noticed that I had that same feeling again, from being with Hera. Once that happens, I know that I am on the right track."

"A handmade canvas is part of the creative flow."