Digital medium as a tool?

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

I am often using Procreate on an Ipad Pro, for studying a new piece. It can either be for experimenting with color, composition or getting myself familiar with a character I am about to paint. In this blogpost I will share some examples of such studies I did through time lapse video's.

The next drawing was drawn from the mind. I played with skin color in combination with a lighter green on the eyes. In the video you will first see how the line drawing came into existence.

Below another example where you can see how I used a drawing of Egon Schiele as inspiration and used that as an under-layer. I copied his art first by hand with pencil and paper. Then I took a picture of it and drew over it in Procreate. In the movie you can see how I the drawing evolved through different stages of colouring.

The exercise brought me quick learnings and I explored options I would not reach doing it on paper or canvas.

The next portrait (acrylic on canvas) is inspired on a drawing first made in Procreate.

The digital exploration allowed me to discover or 'design' the face and experiment with colours. In the next phase on canvas, the digital drawing was translated into a line drawing using thick charcoal. Acrylic, water and a big brush was used for colouring and suggestions of volume.

In my last example I am using a color combination used by Tina Berning in one of her beautiful pieces.

It triggered me to experiment with this particular color combination in a line drawing, inspired on a beautiful black and white photo from an unknown source.

Even though using Procreate sometimes feels like cheating, I notice how it helps me to evolve and grow into new ways of applying color. And it is a great way to quickly get your drawing muscle going sitting in the train or doing a quick doodle on the couch in the evenings.

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