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MEDIUM ink on paper SIZE 11 x 7 cm

Visual tranquillity. It often happens that I sit with a white paper in front of me and the white hypnotises me, as it were. I am then curious to see what will flow from my pen. In this case, too.

A few lines, nothing more.

This drawing illustrates my desire for visual tranquillity and simplicity. I love the space of the white. It's almost serene.

You could also call my work minimalist.

Creating space

I find unspoilt white space just as important as the line, the colour or the surface.

You can see that here too. What I mean here is this separate line at the bottom. It goes its own way, separate from the group. Isolated? Or maybe even rejected? Who knows...? Or does that little line need space?

In other words, with my work I also want to create space.

Now that I'm saying all this, I realise that I'm linking more thoughts to it now than when I made this drawing. I now see that it represents themes that often recur in my work: connection and isolation.

I have always been someone who mainly observed. I didn't go to secondary school to have friends. Not that I was excluded, or not accepted. I was not a loner. But I did not really feel that I belonged until the end of secondary school.

And what did that connection mean? I later found the right word for this: unconditional.

Just being able to be together without necessarily having a good conversation. That silence is also good. Letting the other person be in it and find them there.

Not having to put yourself on a pedestal in the middle of a group, with all the bravado that entails.

I feel most comfortable in personal contact with people.

Just ‘being present’, as I want to express in all my work.



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