Finding my creative flow...

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Each time, before I start working on bigger pieces, I loosen up my hand by drawing small figures. I take my sketchbook , fountain pen and start up one of the many online available figure drawing references on youtube.

These are an amazing quick help to get me going and set my creative flow free. Even though the drawings are small, using mainly hand muscles, it still gives me the confidence to get going on a larger scale, using the entire arm.

It is almost awkward to notice that on an evening before, you feel your mind, heart and hand are in a natural flow. And the day after, you feel reluctant to continue on the same drawing, knowing that you need time to get into the flow again.

Steve Huston, great teacher and artist, is a fantastic source of inspiration to me. It is an artist who has been drawing his whole life. It is great to see him loosening up as well in het great drawing tutorials.

Glenn Vilppu is another great source of inspiration to me. He is incredibly good at working on the figures gesture. Have a look yourself, it is addicting. : )

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