How it started in October 2014, #Inktober

That month my wife told me about the Inktober-event* on Instagram. I could have never imagined what impact my participation in this online event would have on my personal creativity and inner greed to practice art, probably for the rest of my life.

To kick off this blog I would like to write a few words about that first month, how I worked and how it ignited a creative flow that keeps on growing!

My dad being an artist and having more artists in our family tree it feels natural to me to express myself creatively. I have had an interest in drawing portraits already during high school. And as a kid I liked drawing skulls and tracing portrait drawings from old masters out of art books from my father. The Inktober event grabbed me and made me start off drawing portraits. It was great fun also because of the platform to share and being appreciated.

I started off drawing very quick little 15 minute drawings in black ink on all sorts of paper and in blank notebooks, producing a handful of drawings each evening. (see image above).

Slowly I moved from using gel pens and a small brush to India ink. I love(d) working with ‘happy accidents’; you should never have the desire to control the ink flow because it flows naturally, autonomous and on how it dries up in awesome surprising gradients and figures. If you use it well, it supports the quality of your work in creating realistic or abstract depth.

After some years, I think I know why I started with portraits.

In terms of functionalities, the head is actually such a complex and ‘crowded’ piece of high tech. It is the interface through which we communicate, feed ourselves, sense our environment and express such a vast amount of emotions, revealing your personality and typical characteristics. And last but not least, it is the house of your brain. The most advanced piece of technical equipment on the earth. Engineered by yourself over millions of years… For me an endless source of inspiration to observe and reflect in artwork.

Eventually I posted throughout the whole month, every day. It became the basis for a strong ‘ritual’ in the evenings. My wife is illustrator and book designer. We are both in the best possible mood once we are drawing in the evenings!

*[Inktober is a time when artists draw an image a day using traditional inking tools (biro, marker, ink wash, etc.) throughout the month of October. There are no prompts, you’re free to draw whatever you like! ]

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