'If you are looking for a special portrait to be cherished or to be gifted, you came to the right place!'


Even though it is not my focus, I love making portraits from real life. It is fascinating to study ones details and emotions and translate these to a piece of art. After the portrait is done, it feels like I have had a deep conversation and 'know' the person. 

I would be delighted if you ask me to make you a portrait. Based on a good reference photo, a small portrait in oil on paper board, like the examples below, cost 349 Euro including shipping cost. Contact me if you are interested in a commission. 

How does it work

download (1).jpeg

Ideally, we meet in person and I take your foto.

download (2).jpeg


While I make your portrait, you can follow the process!

download (2).png


When it is done you can collect your unique portrait.

Vanessa Graves :

...‘the end result exceeded my expectations. The portrait is a perfect balance of the photograph of my father and a beautiful abstract image.’

...‘Frank included me in every step and was in constant contact with me in regards to any detail that he might have changed or thought of changing.’ 

‘Overall, I would highly recommend Frank for not only his talent but also for his professionalism and attention to detail.’