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Short personal and also rather vulnerable story about this piece and myself.

Gradually, some time ago, I discovered that I regularly make unconscious abstract work in which an element in the work, deposits or isolates itself from other (almost) similar elements. So here too: a line 'opposite' a group of others.

[Just an aside: I am a firm believer that if you are in a fine, almost 'thoughtless' flow while making abstract work, you unwittingly tap into a well that lies in the subconscious. Soul reveries can surface and express themselves in front of you]

So when I realised the above, I began to wonder where this came from. And sure enough, I have been a solo long-distance runner all my life and do not like ties to clubs or groups. And if I am in a group at all, I often feel myself an exception or an eccentric. So I saw a nice relationship between what I make intuitively and my inner. (Is this why creative therapy can work so beautifully?)

What emerges in you and manifests on paper when you are really in connection with your inner self? Never done: Take a few deep breaths, put on music that moves you, grab a stack of discarded papers (that makes the threshold low) and a pencil what you love and let 'it' go for an hour. One after the other and see what comes of it.

I also occasionally provide creative workshops based on this principle. Whether or not in collaboration with a dialogue expert (@Olgaplokhooij) to conclude with an honest and in-depth discussion round. A valuable experience and an honor to be able to do it.


Are you interested in a custom work of art or do you know someone who could be interested? Share my work or feel free to contact me directly by phone contact .


Read more about my working method and the quality I strive for by clicking on one of the other blogs below.

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