FOTO By my father and artistic mentor, Marcel Verbrugge.

'Besides the aesthetic value of my work, I care most about
evoking the right feeling, establishing an emotional connection.' 

Frank Verbrugge is a Dutch artist living and working close to 's-Hertogenbosch in The Netherlands. He has a background in product design and spent over 10 years of his career working for a large multinational.
Minimalistic, layered, strong, deeply personal are words one could use to describe his work.  In both abstract and figurative expressions, he aims to capture life or life's energy. He loves 'the experiment' and works with various techniques. The presence of 'accidental' marks are a typical signature, as well as expressive line-work.


'with few moves I sow

I discover little hooks

new moves arise


in flow'


'me and the canvas

a dialogue in silence

rhythm and balance

in line, plane and colour

the emptiness


Welcome to my website.

I would like to introduce myself by showing seven of my figurative and abstract works. All seven can be found in separate blogs. Together, they give you a clear picture of the way I work. And you will discover the quality I strive for.

You will also see how much I embrace both disciplines, the figurative and the abstract. The creation of my abstract work comes intuitively from infinite inner silence. I see finding that silence as the key to my creativity.

I love to fantasise about abstract works when I am working on a portrait and vice versa. In both cases, they reflect my desire to evoke closeness with my work. Whether it is a person or an animal. Or just any emotion that an abstract work can evoke in the viewer.

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