Securely insecure

My name is Frank. I struggle with text and numbers, but I am in flow when I create art. Always have and always will. Chose security in industrial design, rediscovered my true passion when I picked up portrait drawing in 2015, thrilling! 


When drawing these portraits, I am fascinated by the level of emotional complexity that I aim to capture with subtle lines, variations in contrast, and suggestion of volume. I am constantly searching to bridge both the creative energy sparked within me, and the emotional essence of the individual.


As I search for my personal balance in this fascinating, but insecure journey called life, my series of abstract works are a visual representation of this path. These works, like life itself, emerge from seemingly unanticipated and intuitive marks that step by step evolve. Always aiming, never reaching, seeking.


My journey continues. My work touches me deeply.

I hope to touch you too.

About me


Frank Verbrugge is a Dutch artist whose powerful art reflect passion, self awareness, and capture an essence of the person's true self. Thus, his art is deeply personal, layered, and timeless.


Ever since he was young he enjoyed studying paintings and drawings. As a teenager, he could capture beauty in a few strokes, but it wasn't until 2014 that he felt a strong desire to seriously pick up portraiture. He discovered that through drawing, he connects and captures ones emotional core at a profound level and visualizes both truth and authenticity. The opposite of today’s fleeting stream of superficial snapshots on social media.

Frank uses different materials like ink, pencil, charcoal, acrylic, oil and experiments with multiple layers, thus establishing depth. Light and lines are strong components in his work. Through the interplay between these, he brings his interpretation of reality to you and guides your viewing. While closely observing the subject, he integrates subtle expressions of emotion of both the subject and his own. Through this creative, emotional dialog, new portraits emerge.



2021 Huis Kernhem, Ede, The Netherlands
2018 November-December exhibition in Basel
2018 'Portraits' at Blont 's-Hertogenbosch
2016 'Portraits' at Blont 's-Hertogenbosch



2003 Msc. Industrial Design Engineering

2003 - 2008 | Freelance product designer / entrepeneur

2008 - 2013 | Designer at Philips Design

2013 - now | Creative Director at Philips Design

2014 - now | Artist, grateful to be motivated and educated by my father, Marcel Verbrugge



Baroniehoeven 32

5244 HZ Rosmalen

+31 (0) 621 85 91 32



Also selling art through Saatchi and Etsy

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